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Planned and perceived obsolescence make us buy more of them, we discard them when we consider they are not useful anymore, but there are no adequate recycling mechanisms. The different approaches to e-waste management can be presented in the form a dilemma: A) E-waste contains hazardous elements.

Poisoning the poor – Electronic Waste in Ghana - Greenpeace USA

In this illustration students have the opportunity to explore issues associated with the disposal of e-waste (electronic waste) and reflect on the negative impacts of society's obsession with the latest technology.

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Solutions to E- waste problem Essay -- Recycling Electronics

Animals are losing their homes to make room for landfills, and disease-ridden vermin like rats are moving in.

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Ver 40 million tonnes of electric and electronic waste (also known as e-waste) are produced worldwide every year.

Essay on e waste recycling:

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