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This page provides valuable resources for individuals and programs in the early learning and school age care community, as well as reports related to child care quality and the Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). The School Readiness Report Card was developed to monitor the state’s progress toward the goal that all children are ready for kindergarten by the year 2020.

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The General Register Office (Oif An Ard-Cáraitheora) maintains a family research facility at Werburgh Street, Dublin 2, D08 E277.

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Logiy, if you know the odds against succeeding "you should never want to be an entrepreneur," says Antoinette Schoar, of MIT and the NBER, but "people really have this drive to create something new." She studies how entrepreneurs get funded, and finds that they thrive best in countries where private assets are secure and there is a relatively hh degree of transparency.

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Related research by Schoar and other economists is on the NBER's Entrepreneurship page.

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