Self serve frozen yogurt business plan

Self Serve Frozen Yogurt and Soft Ice Cream

Over the last five years, the self-serve frozen yogurt concept has really taken off.

Starting a Yogurt Shop

You have a variety of choices in this line of business, but if you want to sell something sweet, less the calories, you can sell frozen yogurt, which is a popular and healthier alternative to ice cream.

What is Menchie’s?

What is Menchie’s?

Fro-yo stores have been popping up all over New York for the past several years, and the trend seems to be expanding, with b brands like Ben & Jerry's now selling a variety of fro-yo by the pint in grocery stores.

How to Starting a self-serve frozen yogurt business / shop. Part 1.

Here are brief descriptions of self-serve and traditional behind-the-counter frozen yogurt concepts with advantages and disadvantages for each.

Self serve frozen yogurt business plan:

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