Essay on consequences of shoplifting

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CCTV cameras showed them shoving items into bags containing some goods for which they had already paid.

Shoplfting Theft Affects You and Your Family Members

When most people are facing criminal charges, their first thoughts are “ I don’t want to go to jail.” That is an important and immediate consideration.

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Boston Food Rules. Boston Food Rules

Our country is in an era when millions of people are stealing billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise from stores, not considering themselves criminals or being treated as such by the community at large. Parents don’t want to believe it, schools don’t address it, retailers don’t want to talk about it, police don’t respond to it, courts don’t want to deal with it and the people who do the shoplifting either rationalize it as “no b deal” or are too ashamed or too afraid to admit it.

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I happened to see a customer steal a mobile phone charger from a retail store.

Essay on consequences of shoplifting:

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