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Separation from God Leads to Unhappiness Dante himself said that the purpose of his Divine Comedy as a whole was to free living human beings from misery and to take them to the state of happiness.

James Fenton considers Mandelstam's reading of Dante Books.

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The Inferno contributes to that purpose in many ways, but perhaps most importantly by the way it embodies the theme that separation from and rejection of the divine "love that moves the sun and the other stars" leads inevitably to unhappiness, and the more deliberately one chooses to harm oneself and others in an attempt to get happiness by centering on the ego instead of on divine love, the farther one actually moves away from life and love and everything that brings real happiness.

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- “The Inferno” was written in the early fourteenth century by Italian politician Dante Alhieri, the book is the first part of the epic poem the “Divine Comedy” and it is followed by “Purgatorio” and “Paradiso”.

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