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For the 13 months between the day he escaped from prison and the nht he lay dying in an alley, he robbed banks. Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" accepts that stark fact and refuses any temptation to soften it. Here is a film that shrugs off the way we depend on myth to sentimentalize our outlaws.

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"I rob banks," John Dillinger would sometimes say by way of introduction. There is no interest here about John Dillinger's childhood, his psychology, his sexuality, his famous charm, his Robin Hood legend. "He robbed the bankers but let the customers keep their own money." But whose money was in the banks? Dillinger saw a woman he liked, Billie Frechette, played by Marion Cotillard, and courted her, after his fashion. She needs to be protected, because she is so vulnerable.

Situating realism within the dital space of Michael Mann's <i>Public</i>.

Situating realism within the dital space of Michael Mann's Public.

Kingsolver opens her collection with a story out of Iran.

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There is something peculiarly satisfying about macho male archetypes, and that goes double for the 1930s gangster – he was generally sharply-dressed, had great taste in showgirls, carried his Tommy-Gun in a violin case, listened to jazz and blues, drank whiskey and robbed banks with a carette hanging coolly from his bottom lip.

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