Uea history dissertation

Art History and World Art Studies - UEA

Literature and history are closely intertwined subjects for the leading historians, literary critics and prize-winning novelists that make up the faculty at UEA.

BA Archaeology, Anthropology and Art History Undergraduate Study.

BA History and Politics allows students to explore the relationships between contemporary politics and the historical development of the modern world.

BA Modern <b>History</b> Undergraduate Study - <b>UEA</b>

BA History of Art and Literature Undergraduate Study - UEA

The MA in Modern European History offers you the opportunity to work with a of historians who continue UEA's long-standing reputation as a major centre for the study of modern European history.

BA Modern History Undergraduate Study - UEA

This degree programme allows you to focus your studies on the history of the United States and its people, its emergence as a world superpower and its influence on global culture.

Uea history dissertation:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 92 Rates

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