Critical reasoning

GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions - Format and Directions

The Critical Reasoning question format is one of three basic ones you'll encounter during the GMAT Verbal section.

Externalism and Self-Knowledge A Problem with Critical Reasoning

Critical reasoning questions test your ability to analyze logical arguments.

<b>Critical</b> <b>Reasoning</b> Podcasts by K. D. Borcoman on iTunes

GMAT Critical Reasoning GMAT Prep Now Online

This page lists the key features of GMAT Critical Reasoning questions and provides the test directions for this format.

Sample Critical Reasoning Question on the Verbal Section of the.

Answering critical reasoning questions requires no specialized knowledge of any particular field; you don't have to have knowledge of the terminology and conventions of formal logic.

Critical reasoning:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 92 Rates

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