Doctoral thesis and book of john


Graduates of Claremont Graduate University (CGU) and Claremont School of Theology (CST) who wrote a Ph D dissertation, MA thesis, or book in an area of Coptic studies or a transdisciplinary field that includes a Coptology component. Back to top Dissertation: “The Apocalypse of Adam: A Literary and Source Analysis” Recent activity: Professor Emeritus, Department of Relious Studies, Missouri State University, Springfield Books: " Back to top Thesis: "Visualizing Heaven and Earth Communing: Neo-Coptic Icons of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles" Back to top Thesis: "Medieval Egypt and Nubia: The Coptic and Nubian Churches, 543-1372 CE" Recent activity: Ph D student at CGU Back to top Thesis: “Monastic Pachomian Rules Alive Today in Coptic Convents” Recent activity: Received Ph D at CGU (see above) Back to top Thesis: “Hajir Idfu and Coptic Hagiographa” Recent activity: Ph D student at CGU Back to top Thesis: “Alpha and Omega Educational Program: Knowing the Coptic Orthodox Church in Three Years.” Recent activity: Environmental Engineer, California Department of Transportation Back to top Thesis: NA Recent activity: Archpriest, Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Los Angeles (d.

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IQBAL'S <strong>DOCTORAL</strong> <strong>THESIS</strong>

Thesis to book – finding your author ‘voice’ patter

This thesis addresses the apparent puzzle of the theology of judgement in the Fourth Gospel.

The Puzzle of the Prayer A Study of John 17 Judith A. Die Doctor.

Writing a Dissertation in Biblical Studies Writing a dissertation is a new kind of learning exercise: it is more than an essay, for it must be innovative, exhaustive, and explicit in both its methodology and its contribution to the discipline, and it is conducted at a hher level of independence.

Doctoral thesis and book of john:

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