How to write a windows service

How to debug Windows Services written in. NET? part I

A Windows service is an application that sits in the background, waiting for you to it or for some system event to happen.

Tutorial to create a simple Windows Service with sample example in.

Diagnosing Windows Services mht sometimes be cumbersome – especially when errors occur during the service start.

Tutorial to create a simple <b>Windows</b> <b>Service</b> with sample example in.

How to debug a Windows Service written in C# or VB. NET

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Writing a Windows Service in Managed C++

This example shows step-by-step how to create a windows service in Visual Studio 2005. Click to service Installer1 and in the Properties window set Service Name to „My Service“, change Display Name (shown in Microsoft Management Console) and fill in the Description field.

How to write a windows service:

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