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Performance studies of irradiated scintillating fibre modules and quality checks during serial production for the LHCb Sci Fi Tracker David Müller (Masterarbeit, 2017) Studies for the ALICE Inner Tracking System Upgrade Felix Reidt (Dissertation, 2016) Commissioning of a test stand for quality assurance of fibre modules using cosmic rays for the Sci Fi detector upgrade Lukas Witola (Bachelorarbeit, 2016) Inclusive J/psi production at mid-rapidity in p-Pb collisions at sqrt(s_NN)=5.02 Te V Michael Winn (Dissertation, 2016) Monte Carlo Simulation of charmed meson reconstruction in the semi-leptonic decay channel D* - D0(K-e nu_e)pion at ALICEGeorgijs Skorodumovs (Bachelorarbeit, 2016) Determination of the Prompt Fraction of D0 Mesons in proton-proton Collisions with ALICE at sqrt(s) = 7 Te VBarbara Scherpe (Bachelorarbeit, 2016) Branching Fraction Measurement of the Decay B - J/ψ ρ with the LHCb Experiment Jascha Grabowski (Masterarbeit, 2016) Analysis of D0 and D* -meson production in pp and p-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHCJeremy Wilkinson (Dissertation, 2016) Simulation and commissioning of the rejection of late conversions in the TRD trgers of ALICEOle Schmidt (Masterarbeit, 2016) Full kinematic reconstruction of charged B mesons with the upgraded Inner Tracking System of the ALICE Experiment Johannes Stiller (Dissertation, 2016) System zur schnellen Messung von Stromspitzen in der Hochspannung am Übergangsstraungsdetektor von ALICERobert Verclas (Bachelorarbeit, 2016) Production of strange hadrons in charged jets in Pb–Pb collisions measured with ALICE at the LHCAlice Zimmermann (Dissertation, 2016) Measurements of Scintillator Fibre Tracker Mat Quality for the LHCb Tracker Upgrade Laura Victoria Klein (Bachelorarbeit, 2016) Electrons from beauty-hadron decays in central Pb–Pb collisions at √SNN= 2.76 Te VMartin Völkl (Dissertation, 2016) Measurement of the branching ratio of the decay B - J/Ψ K∗ at the LHCb experiment Daniel Baitinger (Bachelorarbeit, 2016) Eta meson production with conversions in ALICE in pp collisions at √s = 2.76 Te V and √s = 8 Te VAlexander Koch (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Measurement of indirect CP asymmetries in D0-K*μμ decays using 3 fb-1 of integrated luminosity at LHCb Thomas Nikodem (Dissertation, 2015) Gaseous Helium Cooling of a Thin Silicon Pixel Detector for the Mu3e Experiment Adrian Herkert (Masterarbeit, 2015) Optimisation of the Local On-line Tracking for Trgering with the Transition Radiation Detector in A Large Ion Collider Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider Hannah Klingenmeyer (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Measurements of particle production and particle correlations in proton-proton and proton-ion collisions with LHCb Marco Meißner (Dissertation, 2015) The search for τ → μμμ at LHCb Paul Seyfert (Dissertation, 2015) Studies of HV-MAPS Analog Performance Jan Patrick Hammerich (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Effizienzanalyse von HV-MAPS anhand des Mu Pix-Teleskops Jonathan Philipp (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Measurement of CP violation in B0-B0bar mixing using semileptonic decays at LHCb Lucia Grillo (Dissertation, 2015) Studies on charge-up effects and gain stability for the ALICE TPC upgrade with GEMs Yannik Vetter (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Measurement of jet fragmentation into charged particles in p-Pb collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 5.02 Te V with ALICEDennis Weiser (Masterarbeit, 2015) A Novel Flavour Tagging Algorithm using Machine Learning ques and a Precision Measurement of the B0-B0bar Oscillation Frequency at the LHCb Experiment Katharina Kreplin (Dissertation, 2015) Determination of the branching fraction and a new method for reconstructing B - - Ks pi )Philipp Kühnl (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Development and Commissioning of the Trger System Upgrade for the ALICE Transition Radiation Detector at the LHC at CERNSebastian Klewin (Masterarbeit, 2015) Development of a fast simulation tool for vertexing studies in ALICELukas Layer (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Track Parameter Resolution Study of a Pixel Only Detector for LHC Geometry and Future Hh Rate Experiments Michele Piero Blago (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Lifetime measurements of beauty hadrons at the LHCb experiment Francesca Dordei (Dissertation, 2015) Study of the influence of modified lht flavour hadron spectra on thermal model hadron densities Deniz Gündüz (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Optical Measurements of Vibration and Deformation of the Mu3e Silicon Pixel Tracker Lars Henkelmann (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Jet cross sections and properties in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 Te V analysed within the C framework Rivet Auguste Schulz (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Measurement of the branching ratio for the decay Lambda_b -- D^0 p mu nu X with the LHCb experiment Patrick Fahner (Masterarbeit, 2015) Analyse von Michelson-Interferometriedaten von Vibrationsmessungen eines dünnen gasgeküten Pixeldetektors René Philipp Austermü (Bachelorarbeit, 2015) Measurement of the time-integrated CP asymmetry in prompt D0-K−K decays with the LHCb experiment Simon Stemmle (Masterarbeit, 2015) Finite Element Analysis of the Cooling System for the Mu3e Experiment Yanwing Ng (Masterarbeit, 2015) Bestimmung des Verzweungsverhältnisses für den Zerfall B - psi(2S)K am LHCb-Experiment Johannes Gry (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Development of a Tracking Telescope for Low Momentum Particles and Hh Rates consisting of HV-MAPSLennart Huth (Masterarbeit, 2014) Bestimmung des Verzweungsverhältnisses des Zerfalls Bs - mu mu f_0 am LHCb-Experiment Ralf Kle (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Das Spektrometer PERC zur Untersuchung des Neutron-Beta-Zerfalls Carmen Ziener (Dissertation, 2014) D-meson production at ultra-low transverse momentum in proton-proton collisions with ALICE at the LHCChristian Möer (Masterarbeit, 2014) Study of semileptonic D0 decays for a measurement of charm mixing at LHCb Dominik Mitzel (Masterarbeit, 2014) Characterization of a novel HV-MAPS Sensor with two Amplification Stages and first examination of thinned Mu Pix Sensors Heiko Augustin (Masterarbeit, 2014) Spectrum and Elliptic Flow of Direct Photons for a Space-Time Evolution from the Hydrokinetic Model Martin Kroesen (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Amplitude analysis of B - J/psi K*(892)0 decays with the LHCb experiment Alexander Bien (Dissertation, 2014) Fast optical readout for the Mu3e experiment Carsten Grzesik (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Feasibility study to use an SRAM-based FPGA in the readout electronics of the upgraded LHCb Outer Tracker detector Christian Faerber (Dissertation, 2014) Cooling of the Mu3e Pixel Detector Lukas Huxold (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Measurement of the Bs-Bsbar Oscillation Frequency at LHCb using 1fb-1 of data taken in 2011Sebastian Wandernoth (Dissertation, 2014) Charmed Meson Reconstruction in the D* - D0 (K- pi ) pi Decay Channel in p-p Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 Te V with the ALICE Experiment Yifei Wang (Dissertation, 2014) Hints for collective effects in identified particle spectra from p-Pb collisions at 5.02 Te VMichael Schork (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Measurement of CP asymmetry in muon-tagged D^0-pi^-pi^ decays at LHCb Sascha Sta (Dissertation, 2014) Characterisation of Hh Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for the Mu3e Experiment Raphael Philipp (Masterarbeit, 2014) Fast Optical Readout of the Mu3e Pixel Detector Simon Corrodi (Masterarbeit, 2014) HV-MAPS Readout and Direct Memory Access for the Mu3e Experiment Fabian Alexander Förster (Masterarbeit, 2014) Top quark reconstruction using the "Buckets of tops" method in the ATLAS experiment Mathis Kolb (Masterarbeit, 2014) Development of a non-depolarizing neutron guide for PERCNataliya Rebrova (Dissertation, 2014) Jet Physics with A Large Ion Collider Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider Jochen Klein (Dissertation, 2014) Study of the Applicability of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods to the Statistical Separation of Electron Sources via the Impact Parameter for ALICEManuel Wittner (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Estimating Hadron Contamination in Pb-Pb Collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 2.76 Te V for Low Transversal Momenta with TPC, TOF and TRD of the ALICE Experiment Martin Braß (Bachelorarbeit, 2014) Measurement of the differential branching fraction of the decay B_s - phi mu^ mu^- at the LHCb experiment Nikolai Fomin (Masterarbeit, 2014) Feasibility Study for the Measurement of pp → Z(e e? Sosa (Masterarbeit, 2012) Analysis of Double-Gap Events in Proton-Proton Collisions at sqrt(s)=7Te V with the ALICE Experiment at the LHCFelix Reidt (Masterarbeit, 2012) Prüfmethoden für den nicht-depolarisierenden Neutronenleiter von PERCHenry Lauro López Carrera (Diplomarbeit, 2012) J/Ï?

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FUSO Trucks Europe - Press and mediaPress releases - 50 years

Historical institutionalism challenged older forms of comparative historical analysis by moving away from purely structural explanations of historical outcomes.

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In a ceremony attended by Pedro Passos Coelho, the Prime Minister of Portugal, representatives of Daimler AG and the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), marked the 50th anniversary of the Tramagal plant and honored the facility as the central production location for the international best-seller FUSO Canter in Europe.“The Tramagal plant is an outstanding example of Daimler Trucks’ international footprint.

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