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BY DW Wood (Instructional Technologist) & Lauren Shapiro (Writing Instructor) Hey, you've just finished your alternative medicine classes and Eureka! It would be stellar to sit down and write an essay, article, or blog post perfectly the first time. During global revision look at your writing as a whole. Do all your examples directly support your main idea?

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3/12/2012 Jeremy Curry and Doug Geoffray demonstrate Window Eyes running with Windows 8 at CSUN 2012.

Teaching holistic nursing using clinical simulation -

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Unlike traditional medicine (or “allopathic medicine”) which addresses the symptoms of a condition or disease, holistic medical practitioners evaluate the patient’s complete health picture and examine how all body systems interrelate before determining a plan for healing.

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The holistic model of health care is based on treating the “whole” person, taking into consideration the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual states of well-being.

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