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Research Paper app for Google Scholar has been developing over 2 years with numerous improvements and loves by users.

What Are The Most Cited Research Papers Of All Time?

Search your library in real-time or quickly look up a paper online. Learn more ➔ Download PDFs with one click and sync them directly to your Google Drive. Google Drive provides enough storage for even the largest libraries.

KDD2016 - Accepted <i>Papers</i>

What are the most interesting Google Research papers? - Quora

"Cited by 922" for an early paper on symbolic execution by King.

Search Engines For Academic Research -

Use your likes, recommendations, and other filtering options to discover your personal schedule. Author(s): Anjuli Kannan, ; Karol Kurach*, Google; Sujith Ravi, Google; Tobias Kaufmann, Google, Inc.; Andrew Tomkins, ; Balint Miklos, Google, Inc.; Greg Corrado, ; László Lukács, ; Marina Ganea, ; Peter Young, ; Vivek Ramavajjala Author(s): Marco Bressan*, Sapienza University of Rome; Stefano Leucci, Sapienza University of Rome; Alessandro Panconesi, Sapienza University of Rome; Prabhakar Raghavan, Google; Erisa Terolli, Sapienza University of Rome Author(s): Kai Zhang*, NEC labs America; Shandian Shan, Purdue University; Zhengzhang Chen, NEC Lab America; Chaoran Cheng, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Zhi Wei, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Guofei Jiang, NEC labs America; Jieping Ye, Author(s): Hui-Ju Hung, Pennsylvania State University; Hong-Han Shuai, Academia Sinica; De-Nian Yang*, Academic Sinica; Liang-Hao Huang, Academia Sinica; Wang-Chien Lee, The Pennsylvania State University; Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University; Ming-Syan Chen, National Taiwan University Author(s): Bryan Hooi*, Carnegie Mellon University; Hyun Ah Song, Carnegie Mellon University; Alex Beutel, Carnegie Mellon University; Neil Shah, Carnegie Mellon University; Kijung Shin, Carnegie Mellon University; Christos Faloutsos, Carnegie Mellon University Author(s): Wei Chen, Microsoft Research; Tian Lin*, Tsinghua University; Zihan Tan, IIIS, Tsinghua University; Mingfei Zhao, IIIS, Tsinghua University; Xuren Zhou, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Author(s): Shuai Wang*, University of Illinois at Chicago; Zhiyuan Chen, UIC; Geli Fei, Univ of Illinois at Chicago; Bing Liu, Univ of Illinois at Chicago; Sherry Emery, University of Illinois at Chicago Author(s): BEIDOU WANG*, Simon Fraser University; Martin Ester, Simon Fraser University; Yikang Liao, Zhejiang University; Jiajun Bu, Zhejiang University; Yu Zhu, Zhejiang University; Deng Cai, ; Ziyu Guan, Author(s): Lingyang Chu*, Simon Fraser University; Zhefeng Wang, University of Science and Technology of China; Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University; Jiannan Wang, Simon Fraser University; Zijin Zhao, Simon Fraser University; Enhong Chen, Author(s): Kazuya Nakagawa, Nagoya Institute of Technology; Shinya Suzumura, Nagoya Institute of Technology; Masayuki Karasuyama, ; Koji Tsuda, University of Tokyo; Ichiro Takeuchi*, Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan Author(s): Hao Wu, Fudan University; Jiangyun Mao, Fudan University; Weiwei Sun*, Fudan University; Baihua Zheng, Singapore Management University; Hanyuan Zhang, Fudan University; Ziyang Chen, Fudan University; Wei Wang, Fudan University Author(s): Mengting Wan*, UC San Diego; Xiangyu Chen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champan; Lance Kaplan, U. Labs Author(s): Yu Sun*, University of Melbourne; Nicholas Jing Yuan, Microsoft Research; Yingzi Wang, Microsoft Research; Xing Xie, Microsoft Research; Kieran Mc Donald, Microsoft Corporation; Rui Zhang, University of Melbourne Author(s): Guimei Liu*, ; Tam T.

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