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Susan Brownell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts, on 15 February 1820, Her parents, Daniel Anthony and Lucy Read, raised her and her seven siblings as Quakers.

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Taught school (1838–52); organized New York State Woman's Temperance Association (1852); meeting with Elizabeth Cady Stanton began lifelong collaboration (1852); attended first women's rhts convention (1852), beginning of lifelong commitment towoman suffrage; spearheaded petition drive for abolition of slavery during Civil War, resulting in 400,000 snatures; co-founded and edited The Revolution, a weekly paper devoted to women's rhts (1868–70); founded the Working Woman's Association (1868); co-founded and led National Woman Suffrage Association (1869–90); president National American Woman Suffrage Association (1892–1900); arrested and tried for voting in presidential election (1872); organized International Council of Women (1888).

<i>Susan</i> B. <i>Anthony</i>,

Women’s Rhts After the Civil War – Civil

The Aging and Public Health Section has an impressive awards portfolio that hhts aging issues and recognizes those who have taken positive action in support of older adults.

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Anthony was a women's rhts leader in the late 1800's. She was born on February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts.

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