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The Competent Authority issuing the extension of approval shall assn a series number for such an extension and inform thereof the other Contracting Parties to the 1958 Agreement applying this Regulation by means of a communication form conforming to the model in Annex 1, Appendix 2 to this Regulation.

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Therefore if we envisage an amount in the budget which is exactly equal to the previous annual amount we were prepared to allocate, then that is a clear sn that we are not going to let ourselves be persuaded to part with increasingly hh amounts, but that we are setting a limit at this point for the amount of money we are prepared to assn to this agreement.

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One of the key considerations in structuring merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions is determining which contracts of the target company, if any, will remain in effect for the acquiror following closing.

Assn this agreement

An assnment (Latin cessio) is a term used with similar meanings in the law of contracts and in the law of real estate.

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