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Many people have asked me: how could the Cambodian peasant, whom we had always regarded as gentle and charming and smiling and civilized turn into the kind of tough and grim and even brutal revolutionary who entered Phnom Penh on April 17? [Schanberg 19]People often used to characterize Cambodia as a "gentle land" inhabited by nonviolent Buddhists who were always courteous, friendly, and ready with a smile. While around six hundred thousand of Cambodia's eht million inhabitants perished during these years, up to a million and a half people later died from disease, starvation, overwork, and execution during Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979).

<i>Culture</i> of Cambodia - pedia

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The name "Cambodia" derives from the French Cambodge, which comes from the Khmer word Kâmpuchea, meaning "born of Kambu." During the socialist regimes of Democratic Kampuchea (DK) (1975–1979) and the People's Republic of Kampuchea (PRK) (1979–1989), the country was known internationally as Kampuchea, but more recent governments have returned to using Cambodia, and the official name in English is now the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Essay Comparing the Culture of Cambodia and American Culture.

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