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Socials Studies Causes of ww1 script g: there are many theories to what the bgest cause of world war 1 was.

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Geoffrey Ostergaard (1926-1990), senior lecturer in government at Birmingham University for most of his academic career, was himself both an anarchist and a pacifist. The strong tide that has flowed in the direction of the nation state has been resisted from the start, and this essay looks at two traditions of political thought and action which have been 'against the current'.

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The Nation-State, Foren Policy, and Transnational Entities - Sst.

The connection, as well as distinction between pacifism and conscientious objection is discussed, as is also the reltionship between anarchism and socialist and liberal thought. They will, whatever the consequences, obey their conscientious convictions rather than the commands of governments.' (2) The second, anarchism, is even more radical: it challenges not merely the nation state's rht to make war, but also its very rht to exist.

From Borderlands to Borders Empires, Nation-States, and the. - jstor

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