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162 the minnesota review is rht when he says that the book has something to offer those who have experienced the importance of theater in their lives. Cultural materialist criticism, by contrast , correctly insists that a literary text is primarily a social and historical document, and that methods of literary analysis should not be considered natural or immutable but the social practices that they are.

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Marvin Harris (1927–2001), an American Anthropologist, synthesized the paradm of cultural materialism in 1968, and became its most vociferous champion. Cultural materialism attempts to account for the orin, maintenance, and change of sociocultural systems.

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Those interested in or working with cultural materialist or new historicist approaches to Shakespeare or to Renaissance literature more generally will be quite familiar with the first edition (1985) of this landmark collection of essays.

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- My first evening in New York City is one that I shall never forget.

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