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The first section of the book is ed "Feathers from a Thousand Li Away."Prologue A Chinese immrant, when she lived in China, had bought a swan from a vendor who told her it was a duck who "stretched its neck in hopes of becoming a goose." The woman dreamed of having a daughter who, like the swan, "became more than what was hoped for." But when she arrived in America, the officials took the swan away from her. She had a daughter, just as she hoped, who spoke only American English and lived a comfortable life.

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Throughout The Joy Luck Club, the various narrators meditate on their inability to translate concepts and sentiments from one culture to another.

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Compare and contrast the marriage of Rose Hsu Jordan and Ted Jordan to that of Lena St. What did Tan take from her own life and use in the book?

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This rich and fully dimensional ensemble character study also boasts a first-rate cast of entrancing performers.

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