Motion problem solving

Physics 1051 Problem-solving workshop 1 Simple Harmonic Motion

The only thing connecting the two problems is time (the time it takes for the x-motion is the same as the time for the y-motion). In most 2-D kinematics problems, you will need to solve one of the motions (x or y) to get time and then use that in the other motion to get the variable you want.

Cooperative Problem Solving in Physics A User's Manual

If you’re taking Physics 1, projectile motion problems can be a tough nut to crack.

How to Solve Uniform <i>Motion</i> <i>Problems</i>

How to Solve Uniform Motion Problems

This is the second part of the Solving Motion Problems Series, a part of the Math Word Problem Solving Series.

Non-Horizontally Launched Projectiles -

Two cities, A and B are located on the same east-west hhway, 180 miles from each other.

Motion problem solving:

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