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Iran’s new President, Hassan Rouhani, had taken office a month earlier, but his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had challenged Israel’s rht to exist, urged Jews to return to the countries they came from, and questioned the occurrence of the Holocaust. (The Foren Ministry is exempted from the country’s social-media censorship.) By e-mail, I asked Zarif if he knew that his interlocutor was the daughter of a prominent American politician. The exchange foreshadowed the most ambitious diplomatic opening since Iran’s revolution.

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The Adversary - The New Yorker

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Condoleezza Rice born November 14, 1954 is an American professor, politican, diplomat and author. Rice was Bush National Security Advisor during his first term. At 15, she began classes with the idea of becoming a concert pianist.

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The tweets drew widespread attention, and some skepticism. stunt by one of his consultants or friends outside Iran.” Within an hour, @JZarif responded: The tweeter was indeed Zarif.

Condoleeza rice phd thesis:

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