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I’m not sure how this book was a failure, but props to Vonnegut for being honest with himself. However, the first chapter is in first person in the view of the narrator, who is supposedly Kurt Vonnegut.

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"There is nothing intellent to say about a massacre," Kurt Vonnegut writes in the first chapter of Slaughterhouse-Five, his novel about the firebombing of Dresden during World War II.

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In Slaughterhouse-Five, Vonnegut takes an omniscient point of view, electing to be both inside and above the action of the text.

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“And Lot's wife, of course, was told not to look back where all those people and their homes had been. There is no why.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, “Trout, incidentally, had written a book about a money tree. Over France, a few German fhter planes flew at them backwards, sucked bullets and shell fragments from some of the planes and crewmen.

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